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  • COVID 19 – Mortgage Payment Break Extension Request Form

COVID 19 – Mortgage Payment Break Extension Request Form

To apply for a further 3-month extension to your existing payment break, please complete Section 1 and 2 on this form and then press submit.
Please aim to submit your request at least 20 days before the payment break comes to an end.

Section 1 – Your Details

Please provide all Borrower/s names on account:

Please provide all Account number/s:

Please list all account numbers if you have more than one.

Please tick the type of Income loss / reduction?
Please confirm your occupation
Please confirm the industry you work in, e.g. Hospitality, Construction, Aviation, etc
Borrower 1
Please provide your email address and mobile phone number for future communications, by providing this you are consenting to us contacting you by email and by text message:
Section 2 – Payment Break Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Borrower(s)

All borrowers on the mortgage agreement are required to review the payment break extension
details in the Covid-19 Payment Break letter (the letter).

Important Information – Please read carefully
  • Short term example – able to resume employment and repayments at the end of the further 3-month extension.
  • I/we will pay more interest over the life of my/our mortgage loan because there have been no/reduced payments during the break period.
  • The payment break results in an increased cost of credit.
  • The increased cost of credit is not a fee, it is because I/we will make no/reduced repayments (capital or interest) during the payment break period but interest will continue to apply to the mortgage.
  • There are no fees charged for this extended payment break.
  • My/our mortgage will not fall into arrears as a result of the extended payment break.
  • My/our credit report with the Central Credit Register and the Irish Credit Bureau (where relevant) will not be impacted as a result of an extension of the current payment break.
  • The Payment Break may have an impact on my/our TRS entitlement for 2020.
Upon receipt of this completed form:

We will review your circumstances and consider whether extending the payment break is the most appropriate option for you.
We will be in contact with you shortly on the outcome of this review.

You have the right to cancel the payment break extension within 10 days from the date you submit this form.
Contact us if you wish to do so.